It’s all about process, keeping designs alive by putting love and more detail into the architectural fabrics. 5 years in the making and it’s final stage presented at fashion scout. Thanks for all the love and the amazing ones to watch award during london fashion week.

The first stage of Moreneta was shown at fashionscout. The inspiration shows the black Madonna. An inspiring holy icon that stands for diversity. She invites humans into the darkness and allows us to explore new info. The message is about love and creation.

The collection shows a process of TextileLab for over the last 5 years. Prototypes from Velero and Tormenta have been developed. Some new designs have been added to represent the essence of Moreneta. A preview of the upcoming project Marinero and the debut of the knitwear collaboration with Kevin Pleiter ( ArtEZ fashion graduate 2019 @artezfashiondesignarnhem ) has been shown during fashionscout.

Photo by Simon Armstrong

I want to thank all the helping people, organisations, companies, collaborators and sponsors.
K3D metal printing
Dullert stichting
Provincie Gelderland
3D print service Arnhem

Studio Adaptive Skins
Studio Adaptive Skins was founded in 2018 by designer Jef Montes. Adaptive skins is a textile architecture studio based in Arnhem, Netherlands, with a strong emphasis on responsive materials. A new approach on creating shape within the materials rather than cutting patterns out of 2D fabric. The materials are applied on the human skin but also connected to the structure of a building and interior. Responsive to the human and its surrounding the textiles improve the function and experience of: body, light, energy, areas, acoustics and climate.

The studio has its own signature projects that are focused on: wearable designs, high fashion and material installations. Next to that the studio also offers a wide spectrum of adaptive textiles and services to other companies. Sustainability and upcycling are an important starting point. No waste is the norm. Finding alternative ways to recreate the production system is constantly researched. The idea is to design a new production chain. Starting from the fiber/yarn and following up all the way towards the material/garment. The focus is on: designing sea-based yarns, knitting and jacquard weaving. Illusion, shape and transformation play an essential factor in the design development.

Montes material designs are an ongoing process. He believes that keep working on archive pieces is a way of working to keep putting love into the designs. The designs tell a process story with some in the making for over 5 years. This way the work stays alive and keeps on growing.