Test version for ” Trapped by fishing nets ” material installation.

B46 fishing nets was placed in a staircase of a national late 1930’s monument. The building was a former nature and chemistry laboratory of the electricity organisation Kema. The building was designed by architects: G. Hamerpagt, H. Fels and R.L.A Schoenenmaker.

Bringing the nature inside creating organic growing process decorating the monumental space. The three dimensional installation gives the viewer a dynamic and inspirational experience.

The jacquard material is used from the remains of the Resolver performance. Produced in collaboration with TextileLab Tilburg. The selected filaments are made of silver polyvinyl alcohol and black cotton. The material effect looks burnt and destroyed. This effect was created because of the chemical reaction using water dripping on the fabric. The polyvinyl alcohol dissolves and creates melted open spaces into the material.

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