Adaptive skins
The concept of the film is inspired by the heritage of the model. Relocating from Syria and shedding his past skins. To start a new life and finding freedom in art. Becoming one with Tormenta and facing personal storms. The film is an abstract interpretation of this concept. It’s a message of determination and individual strength. Adaptive skins explores a deeper connection between the wearer and experimental materials.
The Tormenta designs transform organically around the body. The creations are inspired by maritime materials, and the personal relationship with this concept. The reflective nylons that were used to create 6 material categories are recycled from fishnets. The shapes and textures change identity and become alive when contact with water. Almost like an organic plant growing as a second skin.
The materials adapt to the human body and deform naturally. Abstract visual communication based on the energy coming from within and translating into light waves on the materials. It’s a personal and emotional connection.

Film: Nathanael Cardenas & Jef Montes
Photo and film registration: Nathanael Cardenas
Concept and film edit: Jef Montes
Assistant: Giovanni Schmitz
Model: Sarjon
Music: Bashir Abdel Aal
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