The Tormenta shoe is a collaboration between Jef Montes and Studio Chris van den Elzen.
Based on Jef’s inspiration, fascination for storms and the maritime industry, the Tormenta shoe is collaboratively developed. This design resembles the power of the wind caught in a ships sail through an architectural and minimalistic feel. The shoe is contained by a thin leather strap around the ankle. The handmade leather upper attached to the firm 3D printed nylon heel, shows the craftsmanship
combined with high-technology.

Together with Shapeways, experiments took place with a flexible 3D print material for the in- and outsoles of the shoe. Additional materials that are used for making the shoe are epoxy resin, paint and screws.
As the world leader of the 3D printing content, Shapeways supports designers and makers to develop their projects into reality. Fashion is a changing industry that is adopting technology. Shapeways facilitate the young promises of the fashion industry in their path to success.

These 3D printed shoes from collection Tormenta, are the example of the crossover between technology and design. The base materials are plastic (SLS and EPS) printed in the Shapeways factory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.