Givaudan x Montes: Tormenta G perfume
@yannnv and @jefmontes have crafted #Tormenta, a scent that’s inspired by the contrast between the natural and the artificial worlds; where marines, minerals and seaweed go up against a vinyl accord with a floral Dama de Noche facet to embody his #Hyeres33 collection.
– ambroxan, a naturally derived ambery note that has a very attractive scent reminiscent of ambergris, the floating marvels coming from some whales
– geosmine, that smells like earth, stone, very mineral, dry and dusty
– clary sage absolute, aromatic like the herbs in the dunes and the starting point to get ambroxan
– mystikal, a very interesting captive ingredient, exclusive to Givaudan, that has some facets of hot iron, vynyl, synthetic materials and incense
– sylkolide, a very soft and conforting musk, like a second skin
– hedione high cis, a very luminous floral note that you can find in jasmine and other floral notes
– a very little touch of immortelle, or everlasting absolute, coming from the yellow flowers you can find in the dunes, that have a very particular salty and spicy curry like smell
– la dama de noche, smell of the night jasmine found in south European countries