The collaboration with Unlimited FX was to create a steam installation. The material designs were created in collaboration with TextileLab. The material shows nylon in combination with polyvinyl alcohol. The effect transforms from a smooth satin to pleats texture materials. The installation was made in Galerie Nikki Diana during Paris Fashion Week and FIAC 2018. The installation was highlighted in collaboration with Jurlights. The steam installation was created to show the process of how all the Tormenta materials naturally deform around the body. The white nylon and polyvinyl material were developed in collaboration with product developers from TextileLab. In order to create this material the base chain cotton filaments of the machine needed to be replaced by hand with nylon filaments. A very unique and technical process to upgrade the weaving machine specific for the Tormenta project. TextileLab has supported me by creating these unique materials and I am very thankful to them. Unlimited FX did a great job creating the steam installation and supporting me together with my Paris debut team. The ongoing process keeps developing and this experiment creates the foundation for my next projects ”Marinero” and ”Moreneta”.