Object in development

Information material installation:

length 180 cm – width 80 cm – height 400 cm

Material – Resolver  fabric soluble polyvinyl alcohol with black cotton jacquard. Developed in collaboration with TextileLab Tilburg

Components – Black fiberglass mannequin hidden inside the soluble Resolver fabric and fully embroidered with black Swarovski crystals.

The first stage of the installation was called Tormenta. The second stage is an upgrade to add all the left over garments from the Resolver performance. This material was added on the trapped by fishing nets installation. During the process the material was made wet and dissolved into a new shape. Hidden inside the installation there is a human shape underneath the material. The installation is a reaction to current environmental issues considering the plastic waste in the ocean trapping the fish.

The final stage of the installation will be finished in 2019.

img_7307online onlineimg_7315kopie