Cs026 marine waves industrial design

The marine waves material installation was placed in the main hall of the central station Arnhem. The architecture of the station is designed by UNStudio. The station was designed in 1996 and finished in 2015. The twist is a free form sculptural element that integrates load bearing support. It was built in steel, using shipbuilding techniques, with a concrete base. The V walls angled structure absorbs the differences in grids between the stacked programmes. These slanted elongated walls replace traditional columns and bring daylight and natural ventilation to the underground levels.

The blueprint of the marine waves fabric is based on sailboat constructions. Nylon cotton blend material design in collaboration with TextileLab Tilburg. The effect of the material bursts through the thread tension. Nylon gradients are placed every 30 cm. The result is a 3d structured architectural material. Nylon reflection create light waves effect on the surface of the material. The identity of the material depends on the environmental context.

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