Hyères festival international offered a chance to work together with the Chloé fashion brand. For the 33rd edition of the festival I needed to design a Chloé look.

Doing this collaboration was a chance for me to approach a new way of material research and to convert this to a couture creation. It was great to have opportunities to receive such beautiful qualities from the Hyères partners. ( photo’s underneath )

-I want to thank Woolmark for sending me an amazing wool base to work with. The wool was given a technical component to create the special shape of the material.

-It was great to meet Potencier at the Premier Vision. Very happy to design the drawings for the lace together. Potencier produced the lace specially for the Chloé look. We pinned the lace single and double layered on to the wool. The lace and embroidery were used on the outside but also on the inside as a lining.

-We chose mat white crystals from Swarovski to attach all these material layers together. Thanks a lot to send all the lovely crystals. We worked hundreds of hours to create the material. I want to thank my team that have worked long days and long nights also to finish everything. The crystals were embroidered in diagonals to give the material more shape and dynamic movement. To finish the coat we used 3 layered fixated wool as a frame.

-The magnets in the coat were embroidered in collaboration with Atelier Aymeric Le Deun. I want to thank them also for working together with me on my Chloé look.

-The material of the suit underneath the coat was designed by me and produced in collaboration with TextielLab. I used the inside part of my Tormenta test material. The nylon was placed on the inside and the cotton was shown as the outside of the material.

-The finishing process of my nylon materials was very interesting for me. I worked together with Achille Valera Lissoni to use a special silicon plus ribbon to hide the nylon and protect the skin. I want to thank them also to have worked with me on this project.