W16 sail gradient was placed in the Koepel prison decorating the space. There are 3 circle shaped national Koepel prisons and they were designed by architect J.F Metzelaar. The first one was designed and made in Arnhem 1886. A circle of cells with the all-seeing eye of the observatory as its center. For 127 years the monumental building was a prison. Plans for the renovation started in the late 70’s. In 1979 OMA architect studio was asked to study the renovation of the prison. In 2013 the prison was closed and in 2015 the building was used as a refugee center. The former prison is a national monument. In 2018 the prison was sold to Ter Steege + Explorius. Renovation plans have been scheduled for a possible apartment complex.

Tormenta materials were placed in the main hall of the prison. A combination of abstract and figurative gradients take over the area. The Tormenta collection was made in collaboration with TextileLab Tilburg. The blueprints of the jacquards are inspired by sails. The nylon materials are made from recycled fishing nets. Each material sample shows a different bursting effect. The abstract bursting techniques can be seen in the subtle contrasting textures of the material. The figurative bursting techniques are more extravagant and 3d architectural.

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