In 2012 Montes graduated with honors degree from ArtEZ institute of the arts Arnhem. After the new talent Lichting award Montes founded his label in order to focus on developing his signature. With the support of Philips Lighting he started creating upcycled fiberglass materials, made from his own studio in Arnhem. Illuminosa was created in 2013 and the collection debuted at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014. With support from Creative Industries Fund NL Montes was able to create research and development projects. Velero was developed in collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg. Creating luxurious looking fabrics by using upcycled materials. This project was based on the fishing-line that his grandfather used in the 1950’s, working as fisherman in the south of Spain. The collection was created in 2015 and in 2016 Velero was nominated by the British Fashion Council for the IFS award. After presenting the Resolver experiment Montes started working on Tormenta. The collection reflects a storm around the body and consists of recycled fishing-net materials. After his international debut in Paris 2017 Tormenta was nominated for the 33rd Villa Noailles Hyères fashion award 2018. That same year Montes launched Studio Adaptive Skins, a textile architecture studio focusing on signature filament production. The first international presentation of Adaptive Skins was shown in 2019 at Fashion Scout London. In 2020 Montes started working on Marinero. This project was awarded with the Re-FREAM grant, part of Horizon 2020 European Commission. Re-FREAM is an international co-creation platform with tech partners such as: Aitex textile institute Alcoy, Empa material laboratories st Gallen and Wood K Plus research institute @ JKU Linz. Developing new technologies in order to create the Adaptive Archi-Filament, a concept for new smart materials that force textiles to create monumental 3D shapes. In 2021 TextielMuseum Tilburg added the fashion manufactured by rain installation within their museum archive. The collaborative process of this project was shown at the Maker Secrets exposition. In 2022 project Marinero was awarded BIAAF first prize, category A – fashion @ the 8th edition of Bilbao international art and fashion.

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